Summer Travel Tips

Put aside your woolen attires, switch-off your heaters; its time to lock your home and go for a summer travel. Enlisted below are some smart travel tips and suggestions, which will help you sweep away your sleepy mood.Tourist Destination: Collect a summer travel guide and decide your place of interest. Hill-stations like Ooty, Shillong, Haridwar, Shimla etc are worth traveling destinations.Prior Reservation: Content travel agents and book your travel ticket as well as, the place of stay. Advance booking may secure you with the comfortable travel dates and may also provide you special offers.Preparing Travel license: Sightseeing tour to most of the places in India demands legal documents like valid passport/PAN card etc. Before you plan to travel anywhere within the country or abroad, collect all necessary documents. In case, you are planning to drive your own car, do collect a driving license of your own. Also, collect the contact number of your well-wishers, with whom you can contact in case of emergency.Shed Extra and Pack Smart: Avoid carrying unnecessary stuffs and pack things that have multiple uses. Consider climatic condition of the place you are about to visit and reload luggage accordingly. Traveling during summer calls for careful preparation. Carry an umbrella, sun-glasses and comfy cotton clothes. Your skin may get expose to the scorching sun-rays and hence tanning your outer epidermis with quality sun-screen lotion add to the travel tipsPack Healthy Eatables: Summer days are fag and food-stuffs get rotten easily. Do not plan to carry cooked food. Its good to store some packets of dry-fruits, while traveling. Opt cold drinks and crispy cuisines from hygienic hotels. Drink liters of water as the change in weather season may cause health problem like dehydration. Carry first-aid kit filled with medicines prescribed by a registered doctors.Packaging Toiletries: The hot weather may turn you look dull and tedious. Carry medicated soap, paper towel, cleansing and toning products, which will help you refresh yourself. Use deodorant/perfume and let other feel your charming presence.Follow the cited traveling tips during summer season and enjoy getting around famous destinations in India

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Getting Mortgage Loans – How to Pick a Mortgage Loan

The number of types of mortgage loan is in the hundreds and these loans are available for almost every scenario you can ever think of. Therefore there are important things you need to consider first in order to choose the right mortgage loan that is right fit for you.Firstly, you will need to determine whether do you have that ability to meet all your financial obligations and will  still maintain the same desired quality of life you had prior to picking and get your mortgage plan.Secondly, you need to determine how long you plan to keep the ownership of the house when you are going to refinance or purchase a home. Since fixed rate loans are the safest loans, you may want to look for a fixed rate loan product.Thirdly, trying getting a Hybrid Arm Loan if you plan to sell your home within the next two years because of the fact that this kind of loan has a fixed rate loan which changes to an adjustable rate loan after the fixed rate period expires. I will give you an example here, let’s say there is a 3/1 Hybrid Arm loan, that means it is perfect for someone who is positive they will have their home sold in less than three years. As you can see, the 3/1 actually means the loan will be fixed for 3 years and adjusts every year based upon the index the loan is priced. There is also a 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 Hybrid Arm loan as well. They are all amortized over 30 years. If mortgage interest rates are good, go with a standard 30 year fixed rate loan.Fourthly, if you are going to finance over 80% of your home’s value then I would advise you to consider these three options because mortgage insurance is required on prime loans over 80% of the value of the home. You can either get one loan and pay the mortgage insurance or you get one loan at 80% and a second mortgage for the amount over 80%. The main objective here is that you won’t have to pay the mortgage insurance.Lastly, you can also get one loan at 80% and plus a Home Equity Line of Credit for the remaining value of your home. This option allows you to not only avoid mortgage insurance but it also gives you access to the equity in your home whenever you need it without having to apply for a new mortgage loan.Warning: If you do not understand ARM loans, Do Not apply for it until you fully understand it or you are not prepared during a time when the rate adjusts upward otherwise it will cost you your home. Also do make sure you really understand every paper or contract that you signed on. Do not obtain a home loan that is greater than the home value. Do not get a mortgage loan until your loan officer has answered every question you have to your satisfaction and can give you what you want in writing.

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3 Steps to Finding Great Mortgage Loans

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